1 Matty Forever

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June 14, 2013 - lacey, Washington

Hello family relatives and friends I'm sure many of you are aware that my son, Matthew was diagnosed several years ago with a brain tumor He has been currently undergoing extensive chemotherapy. I would do anything I could possibly do to trade places with him. He is only in his early thirties and has served in the US ARMY for over eleven year s. He is very smart loving and generous. He is very considerate of others. His love for his country and an opportunity to serve in the US Army was a great passion of his and I know in his heart he still misses it. I have teamed up with the AMERICAN BRAIN TUMOR ASSOCIATION raise money in the effort to find a cure in study of lab and reach. I kindly ask that you help me in reaching my goal in the hopes of giving my son along with thousands of others a chance to live a wholesome and long life. Thable you for your contribution in the honor of my own soldier Teri Cunningham I love my son immensely and in support for all the people in the world including Matthew have joined with the AMERICAN BRAIN TUMOR ASSOCIATION to raise money in the effort gigolo find the cure