1 Matty Forever

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June 17, 2013 - Lacey, Washington

In my heart I know I have always tried to be a great mother for my there children. Because of certain circumstances I have spread myself wide to help anyone I came across that needed some type of help, not deeply realizing that I could not quite help myself. I always put my children on top but as they grew I allowed them to mold their own lives yet offering little support. I never really realized that I could have been alittle less selfish and should have ALWAYS been there for them no matter what. Now my small family of four has been facing one of the biggest challenges of all. And not until most recently have I realized how hard its been for my three children, and myself. Until recently I have realized how hard its been for my son Matthew. Several yeats ago he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It seemed like not long ago but with the wonderful doctors and staff at Walter Reed Military Hospital in Washington DC and the extremely knowledgeable staff at the University of Washington Medical Center and the Neurological Center at the University of Washington in Seattle Washington we are combatting this tumor. Although Matthews voyage I's far from over I know in my heart as a mother he will over come this horrible monster. I have teamed up with The American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) in hopes of one day finding an instant or somewhat instant cure to this horrific life altering danger. I ask each and everyone of you to look at your children and thank God you may never have to ensure what my son Matthew has. And I ask each of you to help me in my quest to help ABTA find a cure in the research and study of the brain tumors that are affecting our children and many people all over the world. Please make your contribution to the AMERICAN BRAIN TUMOR ASSOCIATION in honor of my son who will live his dream and beyond go to ABTA and apply in Matthews name code: 1CartrIdge and was told he was terminal. But with the prayers, the wonderful doctors at Walter Reed Military Hospital and the wonderfully knowledged doctors and staff at