National Volunteer Week 2013

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Nonprofits across the country will be celebrating National Volunteer Week April 21-27 -- and we at the ABTA want to pay special tribute to our volunteers and supporters who work tirelessly throughout the year to advance our mission. We thank you for your generosity of service, your investment in the ABTA, and your unyielding compassion for the tens of thousands of families facing a brain tumor diagnosis.


From our family to yours, thank you:


“On this very special National Volunteer Week, I want to personally thank each of our supporters for your dedication to our mission.  Our goal is to increase awareness of and support for a movement that was started 40 years ago - and now extends nationwide - so that when someone somewhere is told, “it’s a brain tumor,” they know there is a place where they can turn for help, heart and hope.  Each day you give us the help, heart and hope to continue to make breakthroughs, both in labs and in lives.”

- Elizabeth Wilson, President & CEO



I want to send out a huge “Thank you!” to everyone who gives of themselves to volunteer for the American Brain Tumor Association. We’re so grateful for everything you do. Maybe you hand out refreshments at a BT5K event. Perhaps you help us cheer on our Team Breakthrough athletes.  You may even host your own volunteer fundraising event on behalf of the ABTA. However you take part, you’re the face of the ABTA in communities large and small across the country—and you make us proud.
- Garett Auriemma, Director of Marketing & Communications



“I can’t thank and praise our volunteers enough. They help us in all we do, and our organization simply would not be what it is today without our volunteers.”

- Kate Butler, Marketing & Communications Manager

"Volunteers and Supporters are the heartbeat of this organization. It is because of extraordinary individuals nationwide, who give so selflessly of their time, talents, love and devotion, that the ABTA remains the leading organization providing and pursuing answers to the brain tumor mystery.  Thank you for your service - this week and all weeks."

- Stacy Fass, National Director of Development



“Thank you to all our great supporters and BT5K participants for your dedication to making bold strides towards breakthroughs. Our Breakthrough for Brain Tumor events are great successes and we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Ida Haynes, Gift Processing Coordinator


“Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers!  Each and every one of you help the American Brain Tumor Association advance our mission – we couldn’t do it without you!  I am continuously in awe of smiling faces at unheard of early morning hours ready to help out in any way that they can.  For that, THANK YOU!”

- Kerri Mink, Chief Operating Officer



“Please know that your efforts directly affect people who are searching for caring answers and support. My best friend’s daughter had a brain tumor 15 years ago.  Since then she has volunteered at the children’s oncology department helping parents whose children have been diagnosed with brain tumors.  So when my brother was diagnosed with a brain tumor 3 years ago, I asked her where I could find the best information.  She told me the American Brain Tumor Association website and brochures were the best.  And now I work there!  Thank you!”

- Sheila Monahan, Administrative Assistant and Receptionist



“The ABTA’s volunteers and supporters are ‘love in motion’!  The faithful arms of all of you, who have hugged the brain tumor world and don’t necessarily have the time, have a huge heart and are willing to give whatever you can.  You all deserve a hug from ABTA each and every day for helping us fulfill our mission! Thank you and hugs all around!”

- Diana Sullivan, RN BSN, Director of National Programs and Services



“Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters! You inspire our staff every day, and we are so grateful to have you on our team. Stick with the ABTA and we will continue to make breakthroughs together!”

-      Christine Vaccarello, Development Manager



"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. --Margaret Mead"

- Jennifer Westlund, MSW, Associate Director of National Programs & Services