Link Up

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Connecting those impacted by a brain tumor for peer support and inspiration

YOU can provide important peer-to-peer support to others going through the brain tumor journey. Volunteers can Link Up by joining ABTA CommYOUnity™ Connect program or through our online support community.

ABTA CommYOUnity™ Connect pairs brain tumor patients and caregivers with “Mentors” who have been through a similar situation. Our trained volunteer Mentors provide a broad range of insight and support that range from a single phone call to lasting friendships. Mentors also help patients and caregivers take full advantage of all the resources the ABTA has to offer.

The ABTA Connections Online Support Community connects patients, families, friends and caregivers for support and inspiration. Connections is a private setting where members join for many of the same more personal, therapeutic reasons people attend a face-to-face support group: to ask questions of their peers, to provide updates on their personal situations, and to gain confidence in and comfort through talking with others who may be traveling a similar brain tumor journey.