ABTA Volunteer Resources

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ABTA Orientation - A 30-minute online course required for all new volunteers and available as a refresher whenever it's needed. Learn about the history of the ABTA, what we do and how you can get involved. 

Volunteer Handbook - A handbook with important information for every ABTA volunteer. 


Social Media 101 - A 50-minute recorded webinar that talks all about how you can use social media to make a difference and become a Social Ambassador for the ABTA. 

Social Media Tips & Tools - Quick tips for making the greatest impact on social media. 

Volunteer Talking Points - Good to know facts about brain tumors and the ABTA. 


Fundraising Webinar -  Why You Should Feel Good About Fundraising And How It May Be Easier (And More Fun!) Than You Think

Fundraising FAQs - Answers to the most common fundraising questions and how the ABTA can support your efforts. 

Event Checklist - Example of an event checklist to help you think about what you may need or how to get started. 

Social Media Tips & Tools for Fundraising - Quick tips to help you promote your fundraising efforts. 

Fundraising Ideas - A compiled list of ideas to help you decide fundraise. 

For additional resources on how to start your own event, visit our Breakthrough Your Way page. 

Please contact volunteer@abta.org if you can't find what you are looking for or if you have any other questions.