Bright Ideas!

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You can help the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) educate business owners and your local community about our mission and events through the Bright Ideas! "point -of -purchase" program. Businesses have the special opportunity to make a difference for brain tumor research and care by selling Bright Ideas! in their stores.  This program can be especially good for May – Brain Tumor Awareness Month - or during the months preceding your local fundraising event. 

How do Bright Ideas! Work?

Store cashiers simply ask customers at the point of purchase to buy a paper Bright Ideas! for $1.00 or more to help support the American Brain Tumor Association. The customer then signs his/her name on the Bright Ideas! and employees hang them throughout the store.

Invite local businesses to spread the word about our fundraising initiatives like Breakthrough for Brain Tumors 5K events, increase public awareness and help the ABTA's efforts by promoting Bright Ideas! in their store. This fun and profitable promotion
typically runs for 4 weeks. 

Great Bright Ideas! Locations:

  • Schools
  • Work
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Hair and Nail Salons
  • Banks
  • Bars
  • Gyms
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Rec Centers
  • Coffee Shops
  • Athletic Events
  • Kid’s Clubs
  • Car Dealerships
  • Car Washes
  • Places of Worship
  • …and so many more!

  • How companies and stores can benefit from Bright Ideas!

    • Bright Ideas! can be used to build a strong Team, enhance employee morale, and contribute to the company's support of the ABTA. More than 700,000 Americans of every age and race are living with a brain tumor today. Chances are many of your customers and employees have had their lives touched by a brain tumor in some way.
    • Customers will feel good about patronizing a store with a philanthropic outlook that gives back to its community.
    • See an increase in good public relations. Our experience shows that customers are excited and enthusiastic to support the program. Once the Bright Ideas! begin to take over your store's walls, it is time to alert the local media.  Bright Ideas! sales are a great way to build company visibility throughout the community. Best of all, you can raise a substantial amount of money for a critical cause at no financial cost to you.
    • Of course, the best reason for participating in this program is the satisfaction you, your employees, and your customers will have in knowing that you have raised money to help advance brain tumor breakthroughs in research and care.

    How to Track your Bright Ideas! and Send Donations to the ABTA

    In your Starter Kit you will receive 25 Bright Ideas! to get the program going as well as a Tracking Sheet. For every Bright Ideas! sold, simply mark it down on the Tracking Sheet. Should you sell all 25 Bright Ideas! you will have raised a minimum of $25. These funds can be applied to your event fundraising goal or sent to the ABTA as a general donation. Before mailing your donations to the ABTA, along with any unsold Bright Ideas!, we recommend you convert cash into a check or money order (write your name in the memo portion), or apply the funds by making an online donation. 

    Let's Begin!
    Click here to order your Bright Ideas! Starter Kit.

    Questions? Contact your ABTA staff member at (773) 577-8750 or for more information.  Donations can be mailed to: ABTA, 8550 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, Suite 550, Chicago, IL 60631.