Clinical Practice Guidelines

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The American Brain Tumor Association is sponsoring a Brain Tumor Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG), written by the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses (AANN). This Clinical Practice Guideline is evidence-based and will outline the approach to the nursing care of a patient with a brain tumor. This CPG is currently underway and the anticipated completion date is late 2013. Its content will be appropriate for registered nurses, patient care units, institutions and other health care providers in providing safe and effective care to patients. 

CPG Practice Guideline Educational Objectives:
- Identify three common symptoms/problems experienced by patients with brain tumors and evidence-based interventions for prevention or treatment.
- Develop an evidence-based nursing care plan for the care of the adult patient with a brain tumor.
- Develop an evidence-based nursing care plan for the care of the pediatric patient with a brain tumor.
- Discuss commonly used pharmacologic agents for the treatment of brain tumors with rationale for use.
- Identify at least two resources for patients with a brain tumor.

Content for the CPG will include:
1. Scope of the Problem
2. Classification and Grading of Brain Tumors
3. Pathophysiology
4. Description/Clinical Presentation and Features
5. Diagnostic Studies
6. Assessment and Symptom Management
7. Pharmalogical Management
8. Medication Management
9. Surgical Management
10. End-of-Life and Palliative Care
11. Patient and Family Support and Education