Tribute Donations

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Gifts in Memory of a Loved One

Many find a meaningful way to memorialize a loved one is to establish a tribute fund for friends and family to direct donations to the ABTA in their memory. Often, families prefer to do this in lieu of flowers. At the ABTA, we are truly inspired by these supporters who are thinking of charity at such a difficult time.

Establishing a tribute fund for a loved one is simple. You or a friend or family member can contact the ABTA at or call our office at 773-577-8750.  When possible, provide a mailing address for the family of the loved one so we may notify them of donations made in their loved one’s memory. Instruct your funeral director to request donations be made to the ABTA at the address below, or print this information in the obituary.


The American Brain Tumor Association
8550 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Suite 550
Chicago, IL 60631-3225


You can also create a special tribute donation web page on our Breakthrough Your Way site.  You can create a personal page for your loved one which can be personalized with their photo, story, etc. Notification of donations to the page will be emailed to you when the gifts are made. You can share the special website address of your Breakthrough Your Way page in the obituary, or can email friends and family with a link to donate directly on your page. Visit Breakthrough Your Way to set up your campaign.