Special Occasion Giving

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Donations to the ABTA are often made in celebration of loved ones and special events – a birthday, wedding, holiday, or “just because”.  Donors may choose to honor a friend or family member with a contribution to the ABTA rather than a physical gift for these occasions. Similarly, some people opt to start a campaign to collect donations in lieu of gifts when a special event approaches.



For example:

  • Request donations in lieu of birthday gifts
  • Request donations in lieu of wedding gifts
  • Make a donation to the ABTA in lieu of wedding favors for your guests


To start a campaign,visit Breakthrough Your Way.


For those donating to the ABTA in lieu of wedding or party favors, ask about our favor card to pass out to your guests (preview below).


For questions about Special Occasion giving, contact Michelle Dumele at mdumele@abta.org or 773-577-8766. 

*Note: if you are fundraising for the ABTA to celebrate your participation in an endurance event (e.g. a marathon or half marathon), check out Team Breakthrough, the ABTA’s endurance fundraising program.