Payroll Giving

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Payroll Deductions
Participating in payroll deductions through your employer allows you to designate an amount of money to be deducted from your paycheck and donated directly to the ABTA. Establishing a payroll deduction it is a consistent, hassle-free way to help advance the ABTA mission. 


Ask your Human Resources department if your company offers a payroll deduction option for charitable support. Many employers also offer payroll deduction programs through the United Way. If the ABTA is not listed in the charity options at your workplace, you can always write us in. Just include the following information on your pledge form – “American Brain Tumor Association, EIN #23-7286648”.


Combined Federal Campaign for Government Employees

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) is a payroll deduction program specifically for government employees. If you are a government employee, the Human Resources department or CFC representative at your workplace can provide enrollment information. Choose the ABTA (CFC#11033) on the CFC form, and check the box to release your giving information to the ABTA so that we acknowledge your support and stay in touch. The CFC enrollment period for 2014 begins on September 1.


Payments for your CFC gifts or payroll deductions are collected and mailed to the ABTA on a schedule determined by your employer. For this reason, rather than acknowledging your payroll donations after each check disbursement, the ABTA will provide a year-end summary in January just after New Year’s of all payroll donations we received in your name during the prior calendar year.  Once again, remember to release your name and address information when completing your enrollment so the ABTA can acknowledge your support and stay in touch with you.

No matter how small your contribution, your dollars add up to make a big difference!


Frequently Asked Questions about the Combined Federal Campaign (from


How do I get a copy of my contribution statement for my taxes?

Your local CFC office can provide a copy of your CFC pledge form documenting your pledge.  (Contact information can be found at  If you made a payroll deduction pledge, you will also need to obtain a copy of your final pay slip for the year, which documents the total amount deducted for the CFC.


Can new hires be asked to give when they join a federal agency even if it is not during the campaign?

No. Federal employees may be solicited to give only during the CFC campaign period.


If we have questions about our participation in campaigns locally, who do we contact?

Questions should be directed to your local campaign office.


Will participating charitable organizations receive the names of donors who have contributed to their organizations? How?

It is the responsibility of the local CFC office to forward the names and addresses of donors who wish to have their names released to the recipient charitable organization directly. If the charitable organization is a member of a federation, the federation will receive the donor name and relay it to the participating charitable organization. The PCFO and the federation may not make any other use of donors' names and addresses.


I am a current CFC donor and would like to continue my pledge into the next year. Do I have to complete a new pledge form?

CFC payroll deduction allotments cover the first pay period that begins in the calendar year and ends with the last pay period that begins in that same calendar year.  Charities that participate in the CFC must submit annual applications demonstrating continued compliance with the CFC regulations.  Due to changes in charity participation, donors must complete a new pledge form each year to indicate the charities to which they wish to designate a contribution.