Rehabilitation Options

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Beginning the Healing Process

After undergoing brain surgery, radiation or other forms of treatment, you will want to focus on regaining stamina and reclaiming physical functions. One way to do so is to enroll in targeted rehabilitation programs that focus on key areas, such as physical, speech and occupational therapy.


A positive mindset and a commitment to the program will help you get the most out of these activities. When working with your therapists, set realistic goals and do what it takes to meet them. If you remain focused on your goals, you have a good chance of recovering all or a large part of your skills.


Dealing with Fatigue

Immediately after surgery or other treatment, you may experience a sense of deep fatigue. Just lifting your arms may seem like a huge effort, or you may feel frustrated that you cannot stay awake, even after a long sleep. Some coping strategies for fatigue include pacing your activities, adjusting your diet, exercising moderately, and medication.


Reclaiming Necessary Functions

Targeted  rehabilitation programs are tailored to your post-treatment needs. Your health care team can help you choose the kind of therapy you need and where you can enroll. Here are your key therapy options:


Physical Therapy

The physical therapist can help you learn exercises to help improve your physical skills. The therapist can help you to gradually restore functions and show you helpful exercises to do at home. You will choose from exercises such as strength training, restoring limb movement, compensation techniques or balancing.


Speech Therapy

You may need help with your speech skills to make sure you are clearly understood. Speech therapists also help with swallowing problems associated with certain brain tumors. The speech therapist will first test you and then create the best program for your needs.


Occupational Therapy

If necessary, the occupational therapist will help you regain mastery of everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing and eating. You can also get help with more advanced skills, such as doing housework, managing money, taking transportation and shopping.