Continuum of Care

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When you first hear the words “brain tumor”, it is not unusual for you to feel stunned, confused, overwhelmed and scared. But quickly, you will start to rebound and ask, “What do I do next?” You will likely have many questions about what comes next, your options, and how you can effectively cope with the physical and emotional challenges ahead.


Some people find it challenging to sort and prioritize all the reams of information at the doctor’s office, in books, and over the Internet. Others immediately take the helm and begin to navigate through the myriad of care options and treatments that are available.  Whichever way you start your journey, it helps to know that you can reach out to an experienced resource – the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) – for guidance, support and solid insights. When you get the answers you’re seeking, you will begin to feel more confident about making informed decisions.


This section will take you through each step of the continuum of care for brain tumors. We will tell you about the brain tumor diagnosis process and what to expect. You can learn how to research medical journals, prepare for your first appointment, talk to your healthcare team, evaluate your care options and get a second option. You will also learn about rehabilitation options, advanced care planning and palliative care.


Together, we can help keep your mind and body prepared for challenging weeks and months ahead. You are not alone. Our resources, caring professionals, research, and community of patients, survivors, and caregivers can help. We understand the complexities and can help you on this journey.