Online Support Community

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Our ABTA Connections page is an intimate online support community that connects patients, families, friends and caregivers for support and inspiration.  Members join for free with access to the site 24/7.  Unlike social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter, Connections is a more private setting where members join for many of the same more personal, therapeutic reasons people attend a face-to-face support group: to ask questions of their peers, to provide updates on their personal situations, and to gain confidence in and comfort through talking with others who may be traversing a similar brain tumor journey. 


Members have also maintain full control of their privacy settings without the distraction of ads and instant messages. It’s a great way for brain tumor patients and their families to connect with other members throughout the U.S. and even overseas.  Since July 2011, the group has hundreds of active members who benefit from this valuable service.

Click here to visit and join the Connections Online Community. Preview of site below.