Eric C. Holland, MD, PhD

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Senior Vice President and Director of the Human Biology Division; Director, Solid Tumor Translational Research; Director, Nancy and Buster Alvord Brain Tumor Center; Chap and Eve Alvord and Elias Alvord Chair in Neuro-Oncology, UW Medicine; Professor of Neurological Surgery, University of Washington

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


Dr. Holland is a board-certified neurosurgeon who specializes in the treatment of patients with gliomas — the most common malignant brain tumor in adults — and metastatic brain tumors. He is the senior vice president and director of the Human Biology Division at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. Dr. Holland will also be a professor of neurological surgery, hold the Chap and Eve Alvord and Elias Alvord Chair in Neuro-oncology and will direct the Nancy and Buster Alvord Brain Tumor Center at the UW Medicine.


Over the years, he has received several awards, including the American Brain Tumor Association Research Award, the Bittner, Bressler, Farber Award, Searle Scholar Award, Seroussi, the Steck Award and the Voynick Awards. In addition, he is a member of the National Academies’ Institute of Medicine.