ABTA Grant Application FAQ's

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Frequently Asked Questions about the American Brain Tumor Association Basic Research Fellowships, Discovery Grants, and Medical Student Summer Fellowships 


About All ABTA Awards

Where can I obtain ABTA Basic Research Fellowship and Medical Student Summer Fellowship applications?
As of the 2013 funding year, the ABTA transitioned from paper and PDF applications to a web-based application system. The ABTA grant application portal tab can be accessed at the Brain Tumor Research section of our website – www.abta.org or directly at www.abtagrants.org

The ABTA grant portal is applicant-centric, and requires the applicant to begin the application process. The applicant then identifies the following individuals within the application: grant officers, sponsors, and reference letter writers. The applicant then generates, through the portal, an email which allows each individual to login to the application. During the application process, applicants have the option of giving the identified grant officer permission to edit/change or submit their application.

Applicants are asked to upload their sponsor’s letter of support and biosketch. Reference letter authors (where required) are instructed to upload the letters of support directly into the grant portal. The content of the reference letters are blinded to the applicant. Please be aware that the applicant will be unable to submit an application without all required documents uploaded into this system.

The grant application portal will open for Basic Research Fellowship, Discovery Grant (by invitation) and Medical Student Summer Fellowship applications once the grant call is announced, typically, late fall.

How will Medical Student Summer Fellowship applications be handled for 2015?
Medical Student Summer Fellowship applications will be accepted online beginning in early-December. When the grant call for this award opens, the application login will appear on the grant portal page. In order to accomodate the winter school closures the deadline for Medical Student Summer Fellowship has been extended until 12 pm, noon (CT), Wednesday, January 28, 2015.

How will Discovery Grants for 2015 funding be handled this cycle?
Discovery Grant proposals are accepted by invitation only. Letters of intent have already been voted; those invited to submit a full proposal receive application instructions.

May I use an application from a previous year?
We are not able to accept previous year applications.


May I apply for more than one of the above awards?
Each of the above ABTA awards has a very different focus; therefore, we will accept only one application per candidate per funding period.  In choosing a category for your submission, please review the intent and eligibility criteria for each award as stated on the award guides. In brief, Fellowships are training awards whose purpose is to help build basic research skills. Discovery Grant applications are accepted by invitation only. Medical Student Summer Fellowships support an introductory summer laboratory experience for currently enrolled medical students.


May I apply for a second ABTA award while holding a currently-funded ABTA award?
ABTA awardees can hold only one ABTA grant at a time. Applications are accepted from currently funded awardees providing their current funding will conclude prior to the start of a new award. If the funding would overlap, applicants have the option of terminating an existing award if a second award is approved for funding.


Can indirect expenses be allocated from ABTA Fellowships or other grants?
No, indirects are not allowed.


What is the deadline for application submissions?

The application submission deadline for the ABTA Basic Research Fellowship and Discovery Grants, including all supporting documents and letters is 12 pm, noon (CT), Wednesday, January 7, 2015.

The application submission deadline for the Medical Student Summer Fellowship, including all supporting documents and letters is 12 pm, noon (CT), Wednesday, January 28, 2015.






About Basic Research Fellowships

My PhD will not be conferred by January 1, 2015 but my coursework will be complete. Am I still eligible for an ABTA Fellowship?
We encourage you to contact us again next year, but PhDs must have their doctorate conferred by the application submission date.


By July 1, 2015, it will be more than 4 years since my PhD was conferred. May I still apply for an ABTA Basic Research Fellowship?
Because Basic Research Fellowships are career development training awards, applications outside the range of the eligibility criteria will not be reviewed. When you begin an online application, you will be asked to verify your eligibility. If you have any questions, please e-mail grants@abta.org.


Regarding the “post- residency training” eligibility criteria – is a fellowship considered post-residency training?
Yes, please count your fellowship year/s within the training period. 


Are there residency requirements for an ABTA Fellowship?
ABTA Fellowships do not have residency requirements, but the research must be performed in the United States or Canada.


May I apply for a one year fellowship?
Because these are training awards intended to provide a two-year experience, applications for one-year fellowships are not accepted.


May I have two Fellowship sponsors?
Yes.  The online application provides for up to two sponsors. Each sponsor is required to agree to the 75% protected time statement, and both must submit a letter of support that details the training plan and their NIH-format biosketch.







About Discovery Grants

How do I apply for an ABTA Discovery Grant?  I did not submit a letter of intent.
The Discovery Grant program uses an LOI mechanism. Letters of intent for this award are due in October. Invitations to submit a Discovery Grant proposal are extended by email early December. If you receive an invitation and do not plan on submitting a proposal, please notify us at grants@abta.org.

If you are interested in submitting an LOI next year, please watch the Brain Tumor Research section of the ABTA website for announcements on the 2016 research funding opportunities.


I submitted a Discovery Grant LOI but was not invited to submit an application. May I still apply for a Basic Research Fellowship?
Yes, if you meet the eligibility criteria.





Last updated: November 2014