Metastatic Brain Tumor

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A metastatic, or secondary, brain tumor is formed by cancer cells from a primary cancer elsewhere in the body that have spread to the brain.  



The locations of metastatic brain tumors varies.



Cancers that frequently spread to the brain include lung cancer, breast cancer, melanoma (a malignant form of skin cancer), colon cancer, and kidney cancer.



Symptoms depend on the size and location of the tumor.



People are surviving cancer longer than ever before. As a result, it is likely that the incidence of metastatic brain tumors will rise in the years to come.



Metastatic brain tumors are caused by cancer that has spread from another part of the body.



Treatment consists of radiation and/or chemotherapy. Learn more about different treatment option for brain tumors on our Treatment page.


Click here to view our educational webinar on Metastatic Brain Tumors.

Tumores Cerebrales Metastásicos

Tumores Cerebrales Metastásicos

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