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·         Wada test   A test used to determine the location of the speech center in the brain. Named for the neurologist John Wada.

·         wafer implants   During surgery, bio-degradable wafers soaked with a chemotherapy drug are placed into the cavity left by the tumor’s removal. Gliadel is the brand name of this wafer. Also called polymer wafer implants.

·         watchful waiting   Observation. The person’s condition is closely monitored but treatment does not begin unless symptoms appear or change.

·         WBRT   Whole Brain Radiation Therapy.

·         Wernicke’s area    An area of the temporal lobe involved in the understanding of verbal language. If damaged, the ability to comprehend spoken words is lost.

·         white blood cells   Cells that help the body fight infection and disease.

·         white matter   Brain tissue composed of myelin-coated nerve cell fibers. White matter carries information between the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. The inner portion of the cerebrum is composed of white matter.

·         WHO   World Health Organization. The author of the most widely used brain tumor classification system.

·         WNL   Within normal limits.