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·         Karnofsky Performance Scale   [Car noff´ ski]   A score from 0 to 100 that expresses a person’s ability to function and perform normal daily activities. 100 indicates completely normal functioning Commonly abbreviated KPS.

·         karyotyping   [care´ ee oh type ing]   A technique for generating a “list” or profile or the genetic contents of a given piece of tissue; chromosome characteristics.

·         ketogenic   [key toe jen´ ik]   A diet based on a very high intake of fat which causes a chemical imbalance. Sometimes used to treat epilepsy in children, especially when seizure medications are not effective.

·         killer cells   A type of white blood cell that destroys cancer cells by recognizing them as a foreign invader and then producing chemical substances that bind to and kill them. They are
commonly known as “natural” killers because they attack without first having to recognize specific antigens.