DNA Profiling

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Genetic profiling, or DNA profiling, is a lab test used to determine the specific features of your DNA. It is a relatively new procedure that can give your doctor very detailed information about your tumor. This information can be used to develop a more specialized course of treatment, which may significantly increase the odds of success.


Genetic profiling provides your doctor more information about your tumor. This information can help him or her to choose the best treatment for you.


From the patient’s perspective, genetic profiling is relatively simple. A nurse will take a sample of your blood, which will be sent to a lab to be analyzed.  After the test, the lab will send the results to your doctor. The doctor will determine your course of treatment based on the results.


It is important to note that the information provided here is basic and does not take the place of an in-person assessment by a physician. If you have any questions about how brain tumors are diagnosed, please contact your doctor.