How to Stop Brain Cancer – with Rabies

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February 10, 2017

In South Korea, a team of researchers are looking to cure brain tumors by mimicking rabies, a virus that hijacks nerve cells and bypasses the blood-brain barrier – a barrier that protects the brain from toxins. This team has engineered gold particles with the same rod-like shape as the rabies virus, giving the particles more surface area so they can more easily enter the nervous system. So far, this treatment has been tested on mice and it seems to greatly reduce the size of the tumor.

The concerns that go along with this treatment is hurting healthy cells in the brain, toxicity from the nanoparticles, and receiving FDA approval. The study will continue for now to get a better understanding of how the nanoparticles travel through the body. The team hopes to find a cancer treatment that will ultimately reduce side effects and precisely target tumors.

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