Sepsis Antibody Shrinks Tumors and Improves Drug Delivery

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December 13, 2016

An antibody called ABTAA, or angiopoietin-2 (Ang2)-binding and Tie2-activating antibody, has shown to be able to restore the structural and functional integrity of tumor blood vessels in some brain, breast, and lung tumors. The Korean researchers working with the ABTAA found that it normalizes the tumor vessels which can change the whole tissue environment in and around the tumor.

The blood supply to cancerous tumors has been an important research topic for many years. These new findings who that blood flow in and out of the tumor is severely stunted. The ABTAA blocks the protein Ang2 and activates Tie2 which can normalize tumor vessels and enhance drug delivery. So far, the study has shown that they can reduce the volume of glioma tumors in mice by 39%. The researchers are excited with their findings and will continue to learn more about ABTAA and its positive effects.

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