Molecular research may improve diagnosis, treatment of brain tumors

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July 30, 2015

According to The Tribune, researchers at Mayo Clinic and the University of California San Francisco have shown that sorting patients based on the molecular makeup of brain tumors instead of tumor appearance is possible. The current classification system for brain tumors could be impacted by their recent findings. This new approach classifies gliomas according to the presence of three genetic alterations. “Though the researchers focused on three main mutations to define their molecular groups, they recognized that gliomas likely contain other genetic alterations, such as variants that might predispose to cancer and mutations that might be acquired as tumors grow and progress. They looked for associations between the five molecular groups and variants they had previously shown were linked to glioma risk, as well as other mutations known to accumulate in cancer. The researchers found that these other genetic changes recurred in specific patterns within the molecular groups, further validating their biologic significance.”

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