Complete resection of high-grade brain cancer yields better survival in children—especially girls

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August 20, 2015

The September issue of Neurosurgery published a study highlighting high-grade gliomas in children which found better survival rates with gross total resection (GTR), specifically in girls. Researchers analyzed 97 children that were treated between 1988 and 2010 for high-grade gliomas. Results of the study showed that for children who achieved GTR opposed to partial resection, the survival rate increased by 1.8 years. “In addition, the improvement in survival with complete resection differed by sex. Median overall survival was 8.1 years for girls versus 2.4 years for boys with GTR. When GTR wasn't achieved, median survival was 1.4 years for both boys and girls.” The study further confirms the need to remove as much visible tumor tissue as possible during surgery. This study was covered in